How do I change the "Home" url from "/" to say "/home".

My business requires that "/index.html" is a Splash/Welcome page, which is not managed by Drupal, and contains a link to the drupal home page "/home" which is an alias for "/node".

My problem is that the web site logo and breadcrumb "Home" are created by Drupal automatically, and are set to "/". I need the Home Logo and breadcrumb to point to "/home".

How do I do this?


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PS: The problem with the current circumstance is that clicking on the Home Logo or Breadcrumb sends the user to the Splash screen instead of keeping them withing the drupal site. The layouts are completely different and the splash screen is really not useful at all.

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For splash/landing pages, I'd recommend using the Front Page module ( It handles the breadcrumb issue you're experiencing.

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Thank you!