We have created a custom installation profile in which we enable the Breakpoints module and our custom theme. The custom theme is enabled by calling theme_enable() in an implementation of hook_install() like this:

function myprofile_install() {

The problem we are encountering is that although the theme is enabled, the call to theme_enable() doesn't cause Breakpoints to load the breakpoint settings from the theme's .info file and store them in the breakpoints database table.

mysql> select name, status from system where type = 'theme' and name = 'my_theme';
| name     | status |
| my_theme |      1 |
mysql> select * from breakpoints;
Empty set (0.11 sec)

I will follow up with a proposed solution, but other suggestions are certainly welcome.

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I did some debugging and found that when theme_enable() calls Breakpoints' breakpoints_themes_enabled(), $themes[$theme_key]->status returns 0 for the theme that was just enabled. This is because during installation the site is in maintenance mode and so list_themes() does not load the theme's status field from the database.

It seems like the check for whether a theme is enabled before importing breakpoints would be better done in breakpoints_enable() instead of breakpoints_themes_enabled(). breakpoints_enable() looks at all themes and should call breakpoints_themes_enabled() only for enabled themes, whereas breakpoints_themes_enabled() should assume that any themes passed to it are enabled.

I've attached a patch against 7.x-1.x-dev for the change I described. This fixes the issue I encountered when enabling themes in an installation profile, but should not have any further impact on existing behavior.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.