On theme.info I setting (same as in Pixture Reloaded):

settings[site_name_font]     = 'snf-sl'
settings[site_slogan_font]   = 'ssf-sl'
settings[main_menu_font]     = 'mmf-sl'
settings[page_title_font]    = 'ptf-sl'
settings[node_title_font]    = 'ntf-sl'
settings[comment_title_font] = 'ctf-sl'
settings[block_title_font]   = 'btf-sl'

But this is not working.

I see HTML code of the <select>s and see, what all select's (site-name-font, site-slogan-font etc) <option> value have one prefix = 'bf-'.


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Well, I ship themes where this does work, so I am not sure, I cannot reproduce it right away, sorry I need to close these old issues, I was not around much from 2011 to end of 2013.