In the field UI, if I set an entity reference field using IEF to have a user-entered description/help-text, and set the field as required, when I load the entity's form, neither the help next nor the typical required indicator is visible in the widget.

#3 ief_fieldset-description-1992434-3.patch1.26 KBvasike
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I agree that this is a problem, and that we should fix it.

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Nor the admin entered field label, as I pointed out at #1962022-12: Allow labels to be overriden. Not sure if this is a better issue to deal with that, if it should be split to its own, etc.


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here is patch for description of the IEF reference field.

about the required mark for required fields there's another issue (with patch) opened : #1891652-10: "Required" form setting ignored with multiple values widget.

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Does this patch compatible with IEF 7.x-1.3?

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@errev : at this very moment it should be.

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Yes, it works, but the translation does not work. The source of translation displays in all languages.

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for translations you should use Field translation module (i18n_field) from i18n package.

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Yes, I know. I even translated text help in the field setting, but the translation is not displaying.

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Title: Widget form does not expose admin-entered help text, nor required indicator/class » Widget form does not expose admin-entered help text
Issue summary: View changes

The other issue fixed the required indicator and validation.
Will look at the help text issue.

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Status: Needs review » Fixed


I tweaked the look of the cardinality count (when displayed), it's now below the table on the right:

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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In edition 7.x-1.8 just add

//Add description to form
$element['form']['#description'] = $instance['description'] ;

in line 781 (just before the return $element; )

in inline_entity_form.module in function inline_entity_form_field_widget_for