At the /data/disk/o1/config/includes/ the aggregation is hardcoded to be disabled

if (file_exists('sites/all/modules/advagg/advagg_bundler/advagg_bundler.module') ||
      file_exists('sites/'. $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] .'/modules/advagg/advagg_bundler/advagg_bundler.module') ||
      file_exists('profiles/' . $conf['install_profile'] . '/modules/advagg/advagg_bundler/advagg_bundler.module') ||
      file_exists('profiles/' . $conf['install_profile'] . '/modules/contrib/advagg/advagg_bundler/advagg_bundler.module')) {
    $conf['preprocess_css'] = 0; // css aggregation disabled
    $conf['preprocess_js'] = 0;  // js aggregation disabled

Enabling it at local.settings.php works fine but was wondering why it is disabled to begin with.


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Title: Disabled advagg » BOA disables standard CSS/JS aggregation when AdvAgg module is detected, but D7 version reverted this requirement
Project: Barracuda » Octopus
Category: bug » feature

Are you trying AdvAgg D7 maybe? We don't support it yet, and the current config automates everything for D6 version, where it was *required* to *disable* standard aggregation. This logic is now reverted in the D7 version, so we may need to make the settings version aware.

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Ah I see. Yes I was talking about D7. If I can find out how to check the Drupal version in settings.php I 'll try submitting a patch.

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.