Youtube Embed Code already provides a way to autoload captions and even set default caption language. We should provide support to activate this feature.


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Patch provided enables captions support with the option to set current system language as default caption too.

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This is really handy!

I'd replace using LANGUAGE_TYPE_INTERFACE and the $GLOBALS variable directly with this:

global $language;
$query['cc_lang_pref'] = $language->language;

And also check against accidentally using an 'und' language.

This patch certainly does the trick though, thank you.

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Would be nice to have one or two line of comment to explain what is doing this new code.

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Moving to more consistent

global $language;
+ typo fix + explanatory comments.
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@dagmar Done!

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Sorry moving to a single commit...

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Patch looks good, tested and it works as expected. +1 on RTBC

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Re-rolling dagmar's changes while fixing some merge conflicts.

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.