I just noticed this behavior when one of my commerce sites run out of space. The size in phpmyadmin the db is about 300MB (with caches) and the file size in the disk is about 1,5GB.

Does it happen to anyone else??

What might have cause this???



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I am having the same issue and it is causing problems because my host is telling me I am running out of disk space (no lectures on hosting please - I know)
According to my cpanel my db is 5,839.26 MB but according to phpmyadmin it is 20 MiB - that is a lot of difference. I have been trying to delete stuff like users, comments etc but everytime I delete something the amount of hard disk used increases. I have cleared the cache etc and just do not know what to do now as everything I do seems to use resources not free them.

Any help would be appreciated

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i just had something similar, can you check in phpmyadmin whether all that extra size is in the watchdog table? for me it was, and clearing the tables with drush watchdog-delete all then disabling dblog prevented this for me.
hope this helps you too.

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This is a generic mysql problem that doesn't have anything to do with Commerce Kickstart. Closing.

I've seen reports of InnoDB causing databases to increase in size because some kind of garbage collection fails. Google around.

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