Hi everyone!

I've got a problem with the custom fields I created for my users. I created them using administration>pepole>account settings.
They appear during the registration process and are saved in the database. However, when I try to view a user profile, nothing is shown. The profile view is empty. When I try to edit it, I see all the completed fields on the edit page; but still no one on the view page.
I don't understand this problem... I thought it was a permission issue, but it doesn't seem to be that... :'(

Could anyone help me ?


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admin/config/people/accounts/display and see if these fields are hidden? If hidden then put them under fields heading.

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Thank you for your advice. The fields were not hidden. :(

It appears that I had a problem with the user_relationship module; as soon as I uninstalled it, all the fields appeared. Maybe I made mistakes configuring it, but it was quite a strange issue. Even as an admin I was not able to see them.
Anyway my issue is now solved ^^

Thanks again for trying to help.