Hi all

Looking for some advice on Best practise.

I am working on a Drupal site for a music festival, but I am rather fresh on Drupal.

I would like to have one node for every attending artist, so I am thinking to create a new content type labeled Artist.

The content type should contain the following fields:

  • Name
  • Image
  • Image text
  • Description
  • External links
  • - www
  • - Facebook
  • - Soundcloud
  • - Youtube
  • - Bandcamp
  • - Last.fm
  • mp3

I would like the external links to be published as a mini-image (as popular on the web), and only if the artist is present on the targetted site. How can I do that?


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The link module will let you add the link field. Just add one link field per external link. You can then user views or a custom template to display with an image.

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Thank you.

I was looking on Link Image Field but became suspicous when there were no 7.x release.

I have seen Views but didn't play around with it yet. Guess it is time to hire a painter as well.

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The path I am looking at for the moment: copy node.tpl.php, rename to node--artist.tpl.php, add some code, put in sites/all/themes/default_theme.

Correct path?
What kind of code then?

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