Building store that has large number of items. Many of the taxonomy terms can be applied to some items, and the terms will be important in search for products. There will be alot of crossover between product items in the database within specific category terms.


"Usage" is vocabulary category
In term reference field I need to be able to select from pre-sets the "usage" terms that apply to specific products as product is added.
There can be 1 or up to 30 "usage" terms that can apply to any product. This is important, because the terms will vary with each product. Yet, the list of terms includes all possible usages of all items in that product.

Some usage terms maybe along the lines of washing, drying, cleaning, scraping, etc. So you can see there may be some items that do three of these, some two, some more than 10 things, etc.

This would be like a multiple tag using only preset terms from the category

Can I use something like multiselect module to select number of usage terms that apply to each product. I need to allow for variations in terms to be applied to the product without problems. I would use multiselect type module, because the actual usage terms are specifically set.

Also, I will not maintain and update product items once the cart is done. It has to be very simple for the person that will be adding and editing product items. I thought the multiselect module would be simple enough for anyone to use.


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You can add the vocabulary to the product display and use a multiselect. Try it :)

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