There is a UUID API in core in Drupal 8, taken partly from this module: #1252486: Low level UUID API in core. However, it is not entirely clear to me if that API fully duplicates the UUID module's functionality, or if significant parts are missing. (In particular, is the auto generation of UUIDs part of D8 core?)

What will happen to the UUID module for Drupal 8? It would be really good to get some notification on the module front page.


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We will wait for Drupal 8 to settle down a little more before deciding what will happen to this module in Drupal 8. It is possible that the module may live on in some form, but we don't know what the gaps in core are yet.

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Based on the current UUID support in core, there is no need for any part of this module to be ported to Drupal 8.

I've updated the project page. Closing.

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