We love the Omega beside one big issue.
All our sites builed under under Omega have a font problem. The fonts (mostlly at the headlines) looks grainy with rough edges.
(See attached)
Its happend in windows (7 & xp as i chacked) in Mac it looks little better but still...
It happend in all font-family used (also in ariel, font-face..)
All browsers (in Windows it the worst, of course)

I also can see it somrtimes in other omega websites (even H3 in Maxim magazin..).
It doesnt happen in any other website in the web

What can it be? I looked for days the source, If I cant fix it, I wont be able to work with omega anymore and its not something that i want :(
Please help


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Windows has always issues with rough edges fonts, specially if the computer doesn't have ClearType enabled. Attached is an image of Chrome vs IE/Windows XP of your website, one from Chrome/Mac and Maxim H3's you mention using Chrome/Mac. As you can see IE is worst of all. Chrome handles it pretty well in both OS.

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This is not really a Omega issue and is probably down to Chrome.

Chrome under windows has terrible font rendering. You'll probably find that IE and Firefox look fine.

A google search offers some solutions.https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=chrome+windows+font+rendering&oq=chrom...