I have taken the time to complete refactor this module to using views and panels for displaying the issues on a node.

This is what I have done.

  • Use page manager to attach the issues to a node.
  • Use views to list the issues.
  • Added a new variable so that other projects than drupal itself can be crawled.
  • Introduced new node types owned by this module.
  • Added (un)install hook that generates a taxonomy, some basic terms and the necessary fields.
  • Added a custom panel layout.
  • Added ctools content types to display the legend, the issue queue links and the.


  • rocketship_master_tag: The master tag as was before. Can be empty.
  • rocketship_project: The project to crawl. Defaults to drupal.
  • rocketship_lead_user: The Lead user. Switched to array so that more than on user can be excluded.

The variable containing the vocabulary id is no longer needed and can be removed.


  1. Enabling the module.
  2. Set the variable to your need.
  3. Visit admin/structure/pages and enable the Node template.
  4. Edit the content of the Node template. Check the tags configured for each Tagged issue pane.
  5. Create a new Issue Focus (node). Set the issue tags to be shown on this node in the tags field.
  6. Trigger the crawling process and enjoy the show.

I guess this patch will render #1471406: Create installer file + separation of css and JS obsolete. It is at least incompatible.

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Status: Needs work » Needs review
Issue tags: +Needs Documentation
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This moves both the content pane view and the rocketship_link content_type plugin to a single taxonomy term context. This lets us disconnect from the extraneous node type for viewing an overview of relevant information.


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I idiotically managed to include the patch in the patch... try this instead. :-)


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oh I also removed the png so it would apply cleanly.


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Went to a lot of effort to fix some views issues. views was having a number of issues which I may have gone a little overboard solving, but by the same token, the "one vocabulary to rule them all" approach was sort of bothering me, so hopefully this gives us expandability going forward. Every line item that rocketship was shoving into a single vocabulary now has it's own vocabulary (and thus field) now. issue tags, priority, status, etc are all their own tags. In addition to this I added a component tag and made the small change to parse component as now too.

There was an issue with views that cause view panes, passed arguments, exposed filters and "use panel path" to cease execution of a view pane under some odd circumstance. This patch rewrites the view heavily and I _THINK_ solves that issue for the purposes of rocketship. It does not (however) solve the actual problem. That issue can be found here: #2022603: Views Content Pane utilizing exposed filters in conjunction with "use panel path" fail

This should fundamentally provide the basic of what the Rocket booster install profile needs as well, so this is feeling pretty good to me at this point.


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re-roll with clean-up changes from https://gist.github.com/EclipseGc/6223191
Also #2064503-2: Create master tag in profile needs to save master tag

ps: still got notice Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in ctools_context_select() (line 562 of /home/andypost/www/rocket/profiles/rocketbooster/modules/contrib/ctools/includes/context.inc).
Caused by none-existent context (project) for rocketship_thanks plugin

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I also made a whole rewrite of this module but I took the liberty to remove the whole cloud out of it and I think that should belong in a follow-up issue. The main functionality is to have an overview of the status of the issues. Next up is to figure out how to parse the relationships between the issues and perhaps link them internally.

Right now the module is used in two sites with the reworked code:

http://d8searchapi.acquia.com/ & http://d8performance.acquia.com/

Attached as a zip since the diff would not make much sense. It has some small amount of cusotm code and everything else is a feature. To keep this project maintainable we need to leverage as many tools as possible.