We are in Drupal 6 configuration using WYSIWYG module, IMCE and IMCE Wysiwyg bridge module. We are using CKeditor 3.6.6. IMCE works great. Thanks much for all your work and your continued efforts to resolve bugs, issues and feature requests. I have listed this as a bug, but perhaps that's not fair and it should be a feature request. My apologies if I have listed it wrong.

Here's the problem: When we use the URL feature in IMCE on an iPAD nothing happens. We have tried it with Safari and Puffin browsers. We know the link is good; on a desktop, it works fine. We have tried it with Dropbox and other direct photo links. And we know it will upload from iPad Photo Stream or Camera via a CCK image field.

What might we be doing wrong? Or is this a compatability issue with iPad? or Safari on iPad?

Thanks so much in advance and sorry if this is discussed elsewhere. We did a thorough search and couldn't find a reference.


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What is "the URL feature in IMCE"?

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When you click on the photo icon and invoke IMCE, you have the option of entering a URL or clicking 'browse server' ... that is what I am referring to.

Further, upon clicking Browse Server and clicking 'Upload,' iPad will ask if you wish to take a picture or use an existing one, but when you do either, uploading fails... it just continues and continues and continues...

Hope that helps.