The commerce internal workflow works out fine

  • the handling WITHIN the different drupal modules is somewhat easy to build within commerce (from product --> product display --> shopping cart --> checkout process --> payment --> order completion
  • there are the usual challenges in configuring it correctly in detail, but
  • this process can pretty much be automated, etc.

This is not the core of the problem.

The point where i really got stuck is with the underlying business process:

After someone ordered (and paid) something, this might be a closed transaction from a CMS perspective, but from the business side, there are follow on processed that need to be triggered.

I am interested - and I suppose many others, too - how you handle these interfaces and where in the process you make the cut.

  • How did you setup the interfaces to process steps after a purchace in your online shop: i.e. shipping/ pick list, invoice, transfer of data to accounting system?
  • Do you create the taxable order invoice in drupal and then import it to your accounting software? or...
  • Do you export the line items from an order and then create in invoice in some other system also creating invoices?
  • How do you handle order confirmation vs. payment confirmation vs. delivering the tax invoice to the customer?
  • Where and how do you implement the system break between the drupal based online shop and your legal accounting requirements?

thanks you so much for sharing your thoughts, comments and best practices on how you handle this.

kind regards


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I would suppose that everybody running an online store does it in some way...
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