as title shows.
I even refresh the files.
please help me.
if who can tell me how to solve this kind of problem. Much appreciated. Thanks.

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'serialized' in 'field list' in menu_local_tasks() (line 1941 of D:\AppServ\www\drupal\includes\


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It's hard to say anything without any context of what you have done before this error occured.
Did you happen to update the Drupal core files?
Did you edited the database?

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could you please tell me what context you need ? it s difficult to tell you all of what I did.

I think the context is:
I installed serval modules, like admin-menu,devel, themer info, etc.
I replaced untouched core file to replace the correspondent, but the error message still comes out.

So, I re-install all, but only with view ctool installed. now works well. no error message.

I edited database a little bit for last time with encouter of an error message suggesting that one table is not found, so I did something instructed by forum and the correction worked.

no core update. core update can be problem?

Thank you.

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The reason I asked this is because the error message is from a table which is used by Drupal core.
If you replace your core with a more recent version it is good practice to go to your sites url + "update.php" and see if the updated core files are in need of a database update.

The same procedure goes for contrib modules.

You mentioned you refreshed the files, so that is why thought of a core update.

Always be carefull with editing the database.
I would always suggest to see if database updates are available via update.php before going in the database to fix errors.
Mostly this would be suffice.

Also a reason for errors could be modules that do not include dependencies to modules from which they use functions.

But I'm glad you were able to fix your problem!

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Thank you for replying and suggesting. Good man from Holland.

You said 2:
1, run update.php first;
2, database is not the first place to solve issue;

i add one: remember to backup. for module sometimes do not co-function well.

Say to you but also remind myself that it is not a good habit to move cursor randomly on screen which might cause mysterious problem.

By the way, how did you learn Drupal, by definitive guide for drupal X,or some other book, like handbook or cookbook for drupal? I found the book ( definitive guide for drupal X) not clearly stated. What do you think.

Have good days.

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Glad to be of help.

First of all, I learned Drupal by messing up some installations on a localhost ;)
Second of all, after creating my first Drupal site mainly by searching on Google and support fora on, I got to work for a company that focuses mainly on Drupal sites.
It is a small company started by people with over 5 years of Drupal experience each.
In other words, great mentors who help me in my daily work with Drupal.

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Sorry to tell you that you are envied. lol.