Maybe (or it may be a documentation problem, I'm not sure which).

I have a library with a 'path' declared to the current version of the library. I'm also using the libraries version detection mechanism.

When libraries_get_version gets invoked, it doesn't find the file to parse for the version number because the get version routine doesn't take the 'path' into account.

The documentation doesn't state that the 'file' should provide a path relative to the base of the library and I assumed that the path would apply to the file for the version processing.

So either the documentation has to be cleared up or you should change libraries_get_version to include the library path:

   $file = drupal_root . '/' . $library['library path'] . '/' . (isset($library['path']) ? $library['path'] . '/' : '') . $options['file'] ;


Dick Munroe


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Even though this issue is older (sorry I must have missed it somehow) I just followed-up in [8017987-2] so closing this one.

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