There may be reasons why you don't do this but usually an entity load function returns FALSE if no entity is returned by entity_load(). For example node_load() does:

  return $node ? reset($node) : FALSE;

Patch to follow.

#13 fieldable_panels_panes-n1985894-13.patch15.45 KBDamienMcKenna
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#11 fieldable_panels_panes-n1985894-11.patch15.42 KBDamienMcKenna
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#9 fieldable_panels_panes-n1985894-9.patch15.41 KBDamienMcKenna
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#5 return_false_if_no_entity-1985894-5.patch498 bytestanc
#1 return_false_if_no_entity-1985894-1.patch518 bytestanc
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518 bytes
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+++ w/fieldable_panels_panes.moduleundefined
@@ -679,9 +679,8 @@ function fieldable_panels_panes_load($fpid, $vid = NULL) {
+  return $entities ? reset($entities) : FALSE;

I'm ok with this cleanup, but this actually only needs to be return reset($entities). The docs for reset() show that it will return FALSE if the array is empty.

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Though the construct is safer if, for some reason, the prior load function returns false or null or an empty array.

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I don't think returning anything but an array is even possible from entity_load(). It's either an array or an exception.

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Here's a patch with the method Dave mentioned.

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It looks like we may need to test some of the Views handlers to make sure they work ok if the function now returns FALSE:

git grep -C 2 'fieldable_panels_panes_load(' .

plugins/views/      foreach ($values as $row_index => $value) {
plugins/views/        if (!empty($value->{$this->aliases['fpid']}) && !empty($value->{$this->aliases['vid']})) {
plugins/views/          $this->entities[$row_index] = fieldable_panels_panes_load($value->{$this->aliases['fpid']}, $value->{$this->aliases['vid']});
plugins/views/          if ($this->entities[$row_index]->vid == $this->entities[$row_index]->current_vid) {
plugins/views/      foreach ($values as $row_index => $value) {
plugins/views/        if (!empty($value->{$this->field_alias}) && !empty($value->{$this->aliases['vid']})) {
plugins/views/          $this->entities[$row_index] = fieldable_panels_panes_load($value->{$this->field_alias}, $value->{$this->aliases['vid']});
plugins/views/        }
plugins/views/      }
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Per the documentation for entity_load():

An array of entity objects indexed by their ids. When no results are found, an empty array is returned.

That said, per the issue summary, node_load() does do it slightly differently:

  return $node ? reset($node) : FALSE;

On the other hand, taxonomy_term_load() does this:

  return $term ? $term[$tid] : FALSE;

.. and taxonomy_vocabulary_load() does this:

  return reset($vocabularies);

.. and user_load() does this:

  return reset($users);

So, the question is, is there a particular reason taxonomy_vocabulary_load() and user_load() do it one way while node_load() and taxonomy_term_load() will return FALSE if nothing is found?

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Lets fix this for the next release.

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This builds upon @tanc's patch. I went through and ensured all occasions where foreach() loops were used or the results of the entity load functions were used, were properly checked to not be empty() first.

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Curious why we need to check empty() if it's returning return $entities ? reset($entities) : FALSE;. Couldn't we just keep !$entities or at least $entities === false?

+++ b/fieldable_panels_panes.module
@@ -719,7 +719,8 @@ function template_preprocess_fieldable_panels_pane(&$vars) {
+    $entity = fieldable_panels_panes_load_entity($vars['pane']->subtype);
+    if (!empty($entity)) {

Maybe it's just bad PHP habits, but the FALSE check and variable definition could be within the if(), that's how Commerce does it in a few places.

Just my two bits reviewing through Dreditor and not applying patch yet.

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15.42 KB
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I prefer being verbose about it. A slight update.

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+++ b/fieldable_panels_panes.module
@@ -762,9 +763,7 @@ function fieldable_panels_panes_load($fpid, $vid = NULL) {
+  return !empty($entities) ? reset($entities) : FALSE;

+1 to this.

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I double-checked the Commerce module and all of the bundled entities follow the same pattern, so I think this will be fine as-is.

  • DamienMcKenna committed 704f321 on 7.x-1.x
    Issue #1985894 by DamienMcKenna, tanc: Return FALSE in load function if...
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