On a webform I created an 'amount' field with a selection of numerical values and the other option. I want this to be validated as numeric. I have webform_validation enabled and clientside_validation enabled. I get the following error message when the form is loaded:
Notice: Undefined index: element_name in clientside_validation_webform_add_webform_validation() (line 189 of /..../sites/all/modules/clientside_validation/clientside_validation_webform/clientside_validation_webform.module).


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Testing my form with clientside_validation disabled, the server side validation from webform_validation do work. Re-enabled clientside_validation and the errors still appear.

The select_or_other field is not validated on the client side.
All the other fields validation works as expected.
Invalid entries on the select_or_other field are picked up server side.

So a work around for me is to atleast suppress the error messages - if this cannot be validated client side.

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This sounds more like a problem with Client Side Validation and not this module. This module uses FAPI for it's validation.

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Project: Select (or other) » Clientside Validation
Version: 7.x-2.9 » 7.x-1.x-dev
Component: Webform » Webform Validation

Moving this to appropriate queue.

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