The ID of, e.g., the user_login form changes to reflect the number of times the form has been submitted in this dialog.

Would it be possible to add the "original" ID of the form as a class so that it can be used for CSS? As it stands, there's no way to write CSS targeting elements in a specific form in the the Modal Forms dialog.


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I've had this problem too, and I've managed a simple workaround by modifying the .js files in sites\all\modules\modal_forms\js so that the login, pass and register form, uses different classes, ie one each of the available


Luckily for me I only use 3 forms and I only needed the unique ids to style the dimensions of each popup form, hence this workaround works fine.

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Yes you can hack values there. Or some config could be added to admin page and then variables passed the same way there is cTools variable passed in
modal_forms_popup.js file

html += ' <span class="popups-close close">' + Drupal.CTools.Modal.currentSettings.closeText + '</span>';