I am creating a Project Management feature and I have the following node types: Project, Tasks, and Milestones. The Project node is a dashboard that shows all the tasks related to it. It also includes a Add Task and Add Milestone button that passes the group ID and project argument so those fields are auto populated. Thanks to Node Reference URL.

Projects is the top level parent. Tasks and Milestones use node reference and node reference URL to connect to it. Inside of Projects is a Project Members User Reference Field that allows you to select the users that are a part of the project.

There is a user reference field in Tasks as well, called Assignee. What I want is for the Assignee field to show only the users that were added to the Project Members field. How can I accomplish this?

I tried to create a Reference view for users but it doesn't seem to work. I am thinking that the Relationship should be the Project reference field and the Project Members field. But everytime I save, it just adds in Content:Author as a relationship which obviously breaks.

Any help appreciated. Thanks for this module!


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I think what you need is a programatically created view where you can add your relationship and custom filters as you need.
Have a look at http://drupal.org/node/685432 maybe it helps.

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I looked that over, and there must be a way in the Ui to make this work.

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I just thought of something. The key is to get the Task node to relate with the Project node. What I hadn't thought of before though, which I just did as I type this, is that maybe the proper way to do this is to create the relationship using Taxonomy and Hierarchy. That was you could easily relate the Parent Term (project) with its Child Term (Task), and the view should be able to use that connection very easily in order to get the values of the User Reference Field in the project.