Hello Community

I have a problem regarding installation of a module, I am using Ubuntu 12.04 Server
Where do I need to upload the module files and folders so that I can start with the installation process?
I have tried to put them on /etc/drupal/sites
and on /etc/drupal/sites/default
nothing works!!
I am trying to install it on a fresh installation of drupal 7, the module name is kickstarter2

thanks for your help


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Modules should be placed in /sites/all/modules. This should help you out.

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is it? sorry do not know where to put it and on the browser how can I start the installation process?


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Drupal is usually installed in /var/www/mysitename in Ubuntu. If you are running a local server you will need to create a virtual host file as well. Have a good read of the installation guide, it should answer most of the questions you have. Good luck!

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its on localhost/drupal7/sites/all/modules/NAMEOF_MODULE_FOLDER/

cool !!