Hi there all

I am in need of your expertise and insight. Our company is currently undergoing a revamp of our website, and have decided to use Drupal as our backbone. My knowledge of web development and Drupal is VERY novice at this point. I've been trying to figure alot of things out by myself but its going very slow. Hence, my first post here. Pleas bare with me, this is a long post

My first challenge I have with the new site, is a customized basic user registration. I have read some articles online that involves a very detailed knowledge of hooks and some intermediate knowledge of programming in PHP. I need the following to happen:

1) Add customized fields to registration page

2) I need to send an SMS(via Email) to the user confirming their registration as well. I have confirmed that I can send an SMS through Drupal -- my challenge comes in when trying to send it their own mobile number which is gained from the registration page.

3)I need to FTP the user's bank details to our service provider

All this done when they click " Register".

Do you have any guidelines in how I can approach this? What do you guys suggest would be the most optimum way?

I was thinking about using or building an Action-> Trigger to do all of these but im not really sure how

Thank you


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1) Add customized fields to registration page

admin/config/people/accounts/fields here you can add account fields it will appear on registration pages.