I'm working on a site, let's say about motorbikes.

I want to spread all the information about a given bike across multiple pages. So I would have a page covering the Engine, a page covering the Suspension etc...

Is it best to create an Engine page content type, a Suspension page content type etc... and have a taxonomy (of all the bikes) that you can choose from in each of these content types (in order to assign a particular page to a particular bike).


Is it better to have one content type that holds all the information about a specific bike and then, I guess, use views to separate the content into the pages?

Would really appreciate your views. Thanks.


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One way would be to create a single content type with multiple fields. Each field would contain the seperate information you need (engine, suspension etc). Then, use a module to group the fields into tabs at the top of a single page. Field group looks like it will do the job. I've never tried it though!

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That's a really interesting solution that I'd not considered but gives me exactly what I'm after.

Thank you very much fjd!