I am a totally non technical user 'testing' your distribution for use in the development of a new website for our guest house. After initial install issues I now have OpenHotel installed and like what you have. One shortcoming is that your menu takes up to much real estate when viewing on mobile device. I have found a tutorial that worked on OpenPublic distribution (also based on Omega) but could not get it to work on your theme - can you help? The tutorial is at http://www.webmar.com.au/blog/how-create-responsive-mobile-menu-omega-su.... I also attach some screen shots of what the solution looks like in OpenPublic (theme = OpenOmega)
I know non techies like me are a pain in the proverbial &%$% - but can you help or point me in the right direction?
PS It would be real nice if your theme came out standard with a similar solution.

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