When adding premium theme Azur, the theme is not loaded on the View Slideshow Galleria options and for that reason the slideshow can't be displayed.

I fixed it by manually adding 1 line of code on views_slideshow_galleria.views_slideshow.inc, line 78:
'azur' => t('Azur'),

That adds the Azur option to Views, then since the theme doesn't comes with a .js file (only the .min.js) I modified the following code on views_slideshow_galleria.theme.inc, line 138:

  else {
    $theme_path = base_path() . libraries_get_path('galleria') ."/themes/{$theme}/galleria.{$theme}.js";


  else {
    $theme_path = base_path() . libraries_get_path('galleria') ."/themes/{$theme}/galleria.{$theme}.min.js";


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No need to hack the module like this.
In views format, select slideshow. In settings, slideshow type, select galleria, theme: custom.
In Custom Theme Options enter Azur for the theme name and sites/all/libraries/galleria/themes/azur/galleria.azur.min.js for the path (or wherever you put the theme).

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slideshow type, select galleria

I have only Cycle there... This is some kind Galleria support for Views Gallery?