Since my website went live the error logs are being filled with 60-80 404 errors a day along the lines of
"uj-printable-inchmm-conversion-chart.htm" - they all start uj-printable and are all on subjects which are nothing to do with the website.

They come from a variety of destinations, some of which I could block, but others like the US would affect genuine traffic to the site.

60-80 is annoying but not too bad, I'm worried they may increase however.

Any suggestions of anything I could do?


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Is it maybe an outdated link on some of your pages? Are you using any kind of Page Print module? I would try and search body_value table in database and see if you get any hits. Should be in field_data_body table.

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Thanks for replying.

It is a new site and so dead links are not an issue - and the subject matter of the 404 pages is nothing to do with the site so kinda of doubly rules that out. I have gone through the database as you suggested. None of my pages start "uj-" in any event.

I have also gone throught the modules and there are no Print Page ones that I can identify. I would go back through and see if it started after one particular module was installed but the messages come so thick and fast the log only covers a couple of days at present.

None of my other Drupal sites have this problem. Really stumped on this one!

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It could be that your URL is tied in with those somehow, try doing site specific Google search for your domain and see if you find any links that would be pointing to you?

I have seen similar issues with clients who bought domains that previously have been index by Google and those old .htm and .html links would show up in 404 log as users and bots would try and follow them.

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