I am trying to get skyscanner module implemnt on my site.
The documentation gives the following statement
"To use any these in your web pages, you only need to include a single

tag at the top of your web page with your Skytools API key" I have the API key , but don't understand , how to do it. Thanks for the help


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I've never used this module, but I'd hazard a guess that using the metatags module, you could put in a tag for skyscanner and put your api key in there.

Or perhaps add it to your page.tpl.php file.

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I had a quick look at the module. Once you get the Skyscanner API key, go to Configuration-> Skyscanner and enter the key. Now go to Structure -> Blocks and enable the 'Skyscanner - Flight search' block. If you click on 'Configure' beside the block, you can enter some defaults for Skyscanner. Hope that helps.

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Hi there,
what i did already is
got the API key for the site
used that key to generate the code from the SkeyScanner --flight search website
the documentation asks to copy that code in the pages of my website

now the problem i have is where in the website
Thank you for you time

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Usually with Drupal modules, there is a configuration page, where you just pop in your api key (or similar).

For example, with Google Analytics, Google gives you the code, but with the analytics module, you just need to pop in your reference ID on the configuration page.

So, if you click on Admin >> Configuration, you should have a SkyScanner settings page, check that and you'll probably have a field to pop in your api key there - so you won't need to copy/paste the HTML they gave you.