Hi all,

I have an unused node that I couldn't delete. (www.sitename.com/node/node-number) There's no edit menu, and is not listed as content in admin menu so can't be deleted from there.

I read that it could be due to a some previous content delete operation that create "orphaned node" (?)

Anyway to delete this node from drupal core? has also been included in sitemaps.xml creation process.

Many thanks for help


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If you know the NID you can manually remove it from the database. You'll need to remove it from the node and node_revision tables, and if it contains additional fields (aside from title) you'll want to go into the field tables and remove those fields as well. Since it's only one node that's not entirely necessary, but it's always good practice to remove all parts of the orphan.

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A bit scared to manipulate straight into DB... but armed with my courage I've done it! now it seems ok: "The requested page "/node/xx" could not be found."

Thanks for this ;)

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For orphaned nodes, normally you can see the node ID somewhere (i.e. the URL when you open the node, which gives an error but the NID is still in the URL)
What you can do to delete the orphan node , is append /delete to the URL, i.e. http://domainname.com/node/3492/delete and push enter. The normal delete function still works.