I am using Aegir Barracuda Octopus on linode.com. I executed the script and it installed without any error on linode 1024 vps environment. And I got https://o1.aegir.mydomain.com

I bought a new domain name (www.myexamplewebsite.com) at www.namecheap.com hosting and changed its DNS to ns2-ns1.linode.com

At aegir I added a new site using existing platform Drupal Commons.

I want know where can I change the MX record for www.myexamplewebsite.com in Aegir hosting system?

Should it be at manager.linode.com ?

or somewhere at https://o1.Aegir.mydomain.com ?

or at domain name sellers website e.g. godaddy.com ?
(but at www.namecheap.com
I have already given dns that links site to aegir. And now all record should be changed inside Aegir or perhaps at manager.linode.com -- my understainding)

Similarly, should this aegir added website also appear in DNS zone at manager.linode.com?

I am very much confused... Please help... I am stuck.


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Hello Monsoon,

I also host my BOA at Linode. You can manage all DNS including MX records through manager.linode.com. I also register my domains at GoDaddy and just change tbe nameservers at GoDaddy to point to nameservers at Linode.

I don't use any of the DNS management of Aegir yet because the BOA install/upgrade does not recommend it to the best of my knowledge.

I'm not sure, but also a question like this is probably better asked at http://groups.drupal.org/boa as I know Omega8cc tries to keep the support forums for BOA strictly BOA related.

Hope that helps,

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Hi Wickwood,

Thank you very much for this reply. I really appreciate your comments as you have confirmed what I did already.

For all the websites I want to run on Aegir.

1- I changed the DNS servers at domain name sellers website e.g. godaddy.com or namecheap.com etc. to ns1-5.linode.com

2- I added sites one by one as Admin in Aegir hosting environment. ( Sites are now accessible from web after name after DNS is propagagted.

3- After that I simply added the all the sites as master Domain zones in DNS section of http://manager.linode.com

4- Now I can change any record inside the added DNS zone I want. I of-course needed to change MX record of the e-mail server I want to use. So I did that. And in an hour mymail@myaegirhosteddomain started receiving and sending emails.

Hope this would help someone if having similar confusion..!

And now its time for Drupal to fly...

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You're welcome Monsoon! Glad I could help and I'm sure this post will help someone else in the future as well.