see this image

I want to display menu for certain content types and it should display information for that node.
I mean just like schools information
If some one click any school link then it should display a menu which having videos photos etc

tab1 photos, tab2 videos, tab 3 information, tab4 map and so on

See the above image, I haven't been used Drupal from long time, so I forgot all these things. I know it is easy from views and menu block, but cant getting where to start and to do.


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If the contents of the tabs are in Views use Views. You do not need to ask here: just google for it! Here are two Google results

If you are using or willing to use Page Manager to manage your pages, use the tabbed menu that offers (I think it offers that, I do not use it much).

You can can use module for it such as Quick tabs.

You can custom code it using Drupal's API!system!system.api.php/function/...

There are other ways, e.g.

When you have followed the above tutorials you will probably be in a better position to choose your method and decide how to execute it.

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Thanks john
I already got those that nodeone and interworks links, also I commented initerworks blog yesterday night before posting here, but still waiting for his reply, anyway thanks for your help.

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The Views module includes surprisingly extensive documentation. If wan to learn Views and / or Page Manager & Panels in detail (more from a site builder than a coder point of view) I can also highly recommend the book Drupal's Building Blocks.