Last updated 28 November 2014. Created on 29 April 2013.
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Node invite module is similar to the RSVP Module that already exists. In fact you probably want to check that one out too.

Goals of this module:

  • Invite anonymous users to any node
  • Manage invites
  • Users receive an email with a unique URL in it so that they can answer your invite (Accept, Deny, "Maybe")
  • Users can add comments (if you enable that feature) to any invite response (useful for the "Maybe" people)


  • Tokenized email notifications
  • Tokenized forms (RSVP accept/deny)
  • Configurable notifications (who gets notified about what)
  • Very nice invite manager (re-send, revoke invites)


  • Token
  • Recommended by not required: HTMLMail

Note : if you changed the node invite invite form display setting then you need to clear the menu cache.

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