I am using the Media and Media:YouTube modules and have a View of videos in a table format that is successfully opening up using Colorbox when clicking on a video's thumbnail. I can't check "Autoplay" in the Video file type's YouTube Video display settings because that will play all of the videos in the view at once, so how do I achieve this?

Also, the colorbox has working Previous and Next buttons, but I would like the player to automatically start the next video after the current one ends.

I've been searching for days on any documentation for this, but what makes it even more difficult is that I am not even sure what, if any, module I am using can make this all happen. Most recently, I've been digging into the YouTube JS API documentation, thinking it may have to be controlled this way. So, please let me know if this request needs to be submitted under another module. I feel like the features I want span several modules I'm using, and the overlap is making my brain hurt.


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Have you found a solution?