I have my node setup using a location field, and have some required values for each node, including city.

I would like to be able to use that value in the URL as a token for pathauto, so that all nodes created will have their city in the URL as a single slug. Example:


However this does not seem to be possible, I notice in the token list there is:


Which is my entire location field, but I do not want the entire field, only the city, or a single piece.

There is also all of the [node:location:x] tokens, but those only work if the nodes were set up using node locations and not as a separate field. Is it not possible to have the [node:field_address] broken up into different tokens like the [node:location] tokens are?


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I have been wondering about this myself...

Please help.


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Im stuck on this one too. Any suggestions?

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Using custom formatters you should be able to break down the location field into the required pieces.


you should try this with locations dev version as that's the one supporting tokens