Hi, thank you for this wonderful module. the issue I encountered is the search results being displayed on both the block and the search page. (I've tested this on several themes and all have the same problem).
I also noticed that if I clicked on a date in the past, results would only show up under the form block and not on the search page, does this mean the form block doesn't go through validation?

Please point me in the right direction, any help is appreciated.


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Make sure the block is hidden on the search results page (using block visibility settings).

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thank you for your reply. I've tried that but would really like to have the form on the left side and the results on the search page. Is there any way to do that?

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You will need a theme override.
There is a theme template for the form.
Copy that to your theme and edit it so the form is wrapped in a separate container to the results (if not already).
Then use css to make the form on the left, rest on the right.
You'll need a page template for that path too - copy your page.tpl.php to page--hotel-booking--search.tpl.php (from memory it is hotel-booking/search) and remove the sidebar from that.

You should be able to get some help in #drupal-support on irc if you're not sure how to do this kind of theming.