I'm looking to switch webhosts and I was wondering if anyone in the community has any experiences to share about Joyent, and Joyent Accelerator in particular. Unfortunately, I can count on one hand the number of posts in the forum that mention Joyent and still have a few fingers left over.


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I've been using their dedicated virtual servers, called Accelerators, for about a year. Overall, very satisfied. You should understand what you're buying, though. These are self-managed servers on OpenSolaris. They take care of the OS, hardware and network, you take care of everything else.
Performance, stability has been great, but if you like 800 numbers you can call anytime for support or you expect to get immediate responses from your email tickets, you may want to look elsewhere. People who know how to manage webservers really thrive in the Joyent world, others who are less capable may find it challenging, to say the least. That said, the price/performance is really hard to pass up, especially with a vibrant forums board for community support.

I also have a legacy shared hosting account from the old TextDrive service. Come to think of it, the last remaining site I have on that account is a Drupal site. Never had a problem, but I think I was on one of the better servers. They've since begun migrating shared servers to OpenSolaris containers as well.

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Thanks for the response. Your experience sounds pretty positive. I hope you're not being affected by the problems mentioned in this thread.

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Joyent have been having intermittent but serious performance issues related to their storage architecture for at least the past ten days, and their public response has been less than stellar. You may wish to check out this thread:


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Wow, thanks for the info. I read through the thread you linked to (and a few others) and was really surprised how reactive and unprofessional the official responses from Joyent seemed.

It's odd that some customers are publicly offering their fealty and devotion even after hearing that Joyent's problems won't be fixed for over two weeks for some customers ... I think the posts I saw give an interesting (albeit imperfect) look into the customer base Joyent is currently serving, and it doesn't look like a good fit for our clients.