The shadow from the Flex Slider is there and it is responsive to browser size, but the images are absent.
I'm working my way through this list of instructions. I've tried the Flex Slider Fields and Flex Slider Views.

As a test I tried to get these images into a non Flex Slider view and they were no shows. So there must be something wrong with my slide content type, its fields or field displays.

Any suggestions?


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So I gave up on Flex Slider and went to Views Slideshow.
I can see one slide but it won't cycle. The count may say 1 of 8, but even when I have controls they won't advance the slide.

I have jquery.cycle.all.js located in sites/all/libraries/jquery.cycle/ and the Views Slideshow: Cycle module and the other Views modules installed and activated.

Any thoughts?

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Do I need to reinstall or activate something?