Hello all

I just started to discover Omega as I want to go a step beyond the use of a pre-formated theme in order to create mine.

Omega looks great and is nearly answering to my wishes but I have a strange behavior I don't understand at the moment.

I followed the instructions and created a subtheme, activated it and put it as my default theme for a test website with no issue.

Now I have decided to change some default settings of the subtheme by inactivating some areas I don't need and did a Save Configuration.

I go back then on a page where this new behavior should be applied and I saw that there was not anymore the area I decided to inactivate..all seems OK

Then I continue to work like this on other areas but at some moment I run a cache clearing on Page and Others and then once this clearing ended what was my surprise to see my page with the default subtheme settings including the areas reappearing...where they was supposed to be hidden!!!

Same think for all area/region I modified (change some number of columns for some regions, inactivate some other regions etc.) all changes disappeared..I have again a standard template with standard settings !!

Did I missed something ?

I checked my subtheme.info file and curiously even once I done some changes and save configuration it still contained the default settings once I installed the subtheme and not a modified version with the settings changes I made..

Thanks for your help

Best Regards