I can't seem to get a computed field to geocode.

Using computed_field, Geofield and Geocoder modules.
Create a content type that has a computed field that concatenates two text fields.
Computed field ends up containing a string like: "streetnumber streetname City State zip"

The computed field is working.

I point Geofield at the Computed field. On the node save, no value populates the geofield; the computed field does not geocode.

If I replace the computed field with a plain text field and manually enter the same string, the geofield gets populated with the geocoded value.

Has anyone successfully used computed field and geocoder together?

Note: I can't use address_field or location module. They are too limiting; I need views, I need taxonomy references, etc.


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I am having EXACTLY the same issue, and this is the first writeup that I've found on the web that describes what I'm running into. Did tests similar to what @rudyard55 describes. Have also changed the order of the fields, making the computed field FOLLOW the GeoField field (based on comments in a Drupal 6 issue). Have tried saving the node twice, thinking as some have suggested that the computed field is populated on the first save and the geocoding then happens on the second. No success there either.
Let's keep in touch here as we test, or if anyone had a solution please post.
It is my understanding that the geocoder module is the replacement for the geocoder in OpenLayers in D7?

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Same here. I'm afraid to see a soo long issue experienced by so many people still not resolved... Do we have to switch to location module ? (I believed that geofield + geocoder was a better combination for drupal 7 but I begin to doubt).