When I created a new two way relationship type 'contacts', and created one relationship the 'My relationships' block read:

"My relationships
(then the name of the first relationship)"

See screenshot below.

I fixed this by editing the user_relationships-block.tpl.php and on line 14 replacing:
t("@rel_plural_name", user_relationships_type_translations($relationship, TRUE));
t("@rel_name_plural", user_relationships_type_translations($relationship, TRUE));

and on line 18 replacing
$rtype_heading = t("@rel_plural_name", user_relationships_type_translations($relationship));
$rtype_heading = t("@rel_name_plural", user_relationships_type_translations($relationship));

This fixed up the problem. Hopefully documenting this error and fix may help someone else and / or make it through into the next module release. Cheers


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here is the screenshot

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Thanks Paul..

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Thanks bro!

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this problem still remains. is an updated planned for the next release?

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Hi @paul, thank you!!

I am wondering why a release is not yet with your fix !!!

Uploading a patch for the same.

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Status: Active » Needs review
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