This is the finished result of a GHOP coding project explaining how to create a school newspaper website in Drupal 5.x.


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Did the file attachment work...? not really sure

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Shoot. Your tutorial is a little too big to upload here. @everyone else though, here it is, and dstelljes did a fantastic job with it. :)

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Whoops, I think that is due to the size limit for uploads. I'll also mark this a duplicate ( since we sneakily went in and made issues for all of the tasks but hadn't gotten to making that clear on the Google issues yet. Thanks for your work - it's awesome!

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Haha, OK, too many cooks in the kitchen. The other issue is gone now, so marking this one fixed. :-)

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FYI, here is the d.o handbook page:

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.