to resume briefly my situation:
I have a taxonomy, with its relative taxonomy page.
For each term I d need to add an activity stream block, where I could set the Facebook ID for each term page.
I also have users (of course :)) and I am tagging users with that taxonomy so that in the term page I can retrieve users information.
I am using the social media setting in the user page so that each user has its Facebook ID set.
Now I can get the facebook activity stream in the facebook page but I d need it in the relative term page for the user.

An example:

User "John Doe" is tagged with the term (hierachically selected) "Dallas > Moe's Bar".
Now when I go to "Moe's Bar" term page I want "John Doe" s activity stream to show up.

Is this feasible with the actual state of Social Media? I think that views integration is missing here, am I right?