Steps to reproduce:

  1. After installing site with standard profile, make sure you have default_value:{} in sites\default\files\config_[hash]\active\field.instance.node.article.field_tags.yml
  2. Go to admin/structure/types/manage/article/fields
  3. Edit Tags
  4. on "Default value" enter some free text and click "Save settings". (make sure widget type is "Autocomplete term widget (tagging)")
  5. Now check the same file in step 1 and you can see default_value as below:
        tid: '0'
          tid: ''
          uuid: b4061cc9-39c5-448a-90b9-5318f9af56db
          vid: category
          name: freetext
          description: ''
          format: ''
          weight: '0'
            - '0'
          langcode: und
          "\0*\0entityType": taxonomy_term
          "\0*\0enforceIsNew": ''
          "\0*\0newRevision": '0'
          "\0*\0isDefaultRevision": '1'

Remaining tasks

Discuss and issue patch, if it is a bug.


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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Yes, the 'entity' wasn't supposed to end up there, but this has been fixed meanwhile in entity_ref module.

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Updated issue summary.