Fresh clean install of latest core under MAMP. Bartik theme.
Using latest dev versions of Calendar, Date, Views and Ctools

Modules installed:
Calendar, Date, Views, CTools, (and Admin menu and Module Filter)
Steps to reproduce problem:
1. Create new content type Event
2. Add a Field of type Date to the Event content type. Accept all defaults
3. Add view from template "A calendar view of the 'field_date' field in the 'node' base table"
4. View displays. Click SAVE

WSOD appears, but view appears to have been created ok.

System logs shows one warning:

Type: theme

Location: http://localhost:8888/marine8/admin/structure/types/manage/event/fields/...

Referrer: http://localhost:8888/marine8/admin/structure/types/manage/event/fields/...

Message: Theme hook not found.

Severity: warning


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Same problem

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I am getting the same message in my dblog, but here is some more info:

I do have Calendar module installed, but the field that the error is displaying on is a simple Date text field which has been newly created in a custom content form. It is not connected to a View or a Calendar (yet).

Upon saving the new form field, the error appears in the log. I think that may narrow it down to the Date module?

(Using Calendar 7.x-3.4, cTools 7.x-1.3+4-dev, Views 7.x-3.7, and Date 7.x-2.6 on Core v7.23 and custom Omega Theme)’s picture

Issue summary: View changes

I have the same problem.

I deleted all caches, including directly in the table (truncated the cache tables).

In fact, for a moment, this date/calendar/views glitch made all views respond "Page not found". The other views came back after deleting the caches, but the calendar views still respond "Page not found".

The node type with a proper functioning date field does not show the calendar link.

Hypothesis : it may be a variable (variable or field table) that it is outdated from previous attempts (either from Date or Calendar module).

( I'll try again from scratch later using the Calendar module wizard instead of the template.)’s picture

Priority: Normal » Major

I tried again from scratch (deleting content type, the Calendar view, caches, etc.).

The Calendar view utterly fails to work (Page not found) and the date related node does not show the calendar link.

I also cleared the Views cache and changed the settings to block any Views caching.

This bug occurs with both methods :
a) Using the Calendar Wizard Tool ;
b) Using the Views calendar template ('field_date' field in the node base table).

MAJOR bug : I feel it is critical, but I have set it only to Major bug since the exact cause is unknown to me at the moment. Reason: this bug utterly makes creating a calendar a total failure. After hours of searching and looking for workarounds or debugs. It may be caused by an erroneous variable set by Calendar or by a Date/Calendar mismatch, which remains a major bug as a user would need to delete data by hand in the database (dangerous, not recommended).

Off the top of my head, I don't know of an alternative to using Calendar/Date, so this is a major issue for sites that require a calendar (which is my case: I manage an event-based media and D7 is becoming a minimal standard; D6 will soon be depreciated).

I did read the troubleshooting FAQ and the Ctools Object Cache is totally empty.


  • Drupal 7.38
  • PHP 5.4.41
  • Views 7.x-3.11 (both modules enabled)
  • Calendar 7.x-3.5
  • Date 7.x-2.8 (all modules enabled, except Date Context)
  • Chaos tools 7.x-1.7 (non of its sub-modules are enabled)
  • No other contributed modules (rather fresh install)’s picture

Slight move forward : by editing the Contextual Filters in the Calendar Views, more specifically the Date year range (ex.: 2001:2020), the Calendar views now show instead of saying Page not found.

If the template installation sets a Date year range that produces a Page not found error, it remains a major bug (if that is the culprit).

AND, moreover, the node with a date field is ignored on the calendar. (...)
CORRECTION: the node was not showing only because the Calendar was just not showing the current month. :P So, again the Contextual Filters are the issue. I'll try installing Date Context sub-module.

Calendar link not showing in relevant nodes.

Debugging settings: Views cache off ; tried bypassing all node permissions ; Ctools cache empty.’s picture

In conclusion, the Calendar Wizard and the related Calendar Views Template cause a Contextual Filters error (Page not found) if it is not your first attempt.

Secondary off subject issues :
- Nodes still do not have the good old Calendar link (I can live with that).
- To show current month, current week, etc. by default (otherwise it is confusing and many will see an empty or outdated calendar), see admin/config/date/calendar
I also installed the Context module and enabled the Date Context (Calendar sub-module) just to be certain.