ust that The "Delete" link is missing in admin/structure/block/manage/block/12/configure.

It is not a permission issue since the "Delete" link is shown in admin/structure/blockand I can delete them.

How can I trace this problem?

Look my capture.capture

2013-04-16_10-02-51.jpg220.37 KBchefnelone
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Check your theme:) if you have not already... also hit your cache and if on drush cache-clear... Try switching your admin theme it almost looks like your running seven if not this maybe a good try. what does your log say and what has changed? also if it is a views block make sure to clear your views cache:)

hope that helps...

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I tried all you said but the delete link is not shown. I tried with other themes for the admin theme, flush all caches with drush cc all.’s picture

Is this a views block? What module is this block on? Core? or is it a block provided by /sites/all/modules?

Anything in your log,

I would try drush pm-update make sure your all up to speed. Then look at modules for this. Are you running ckeditor?

Sorry for all the questions...

Hang in there:)

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fast answer :)

1. It is a custom block I created at: admin/structure/block/add
2. I have only this log message: "3 orphaned actions (comment_publish_action, comment_save_action, comment_unpublish_action) exist in the actions table."
3. I have all modules up to date.
4. Yes, I have the ckeditor module enabled. But I just disabled and uninstalled ckeditor, clear all caches, but the problem is still here’s picture

What type of code is in your block? php, html, plain text. what is the text selector. i would really still have to say it is theme related. the theme is the only time i have seen this happen.

what themes are you running?

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I tried with Full html, Plain Text, but this is not the cause.

The admin theme is a subtheme of Shiny theme.

But I also tried with other themes but no...’s picture

Yes I would try switching your admin theme to core seven. We had this same issue on Ubercart with the payment edit links disappearing... I can feel you on this. It is one of those stair and go what moments for sure?

To fix our issue we enabled core seven:)

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I'm sorry if I disappoint you but this is normal. There is no "Delete" link in the edit form of the blocks. The only way you can delete it's via the block listing page (/admin/structure/block) and only if it's a custom block.

The questions are :

  1. do you ask for this because you've seen a "delete" link before and it has disappear ?
  2. or it's just that you though there was a delete link in the /admin/structure/block/manage/block/BID/configure block form ? (and for sure you don't see it)

If it's the second answer, I leave you close this issue by "work as designed" when you want.

The only way I see to have a "Delete" link in the edit block form, is to add it via a hook_form_alter() in a custom module.
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I am not sure if that is what chefnelone is asking. It seems when they make a custom block they do not have the (Delete) in there /admin.

Correct me if I am off?

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Closing old issues.

As mentioned in #8 and #9 there is no delete link on the block configuration page.