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MD5: d026f4ab1f225ada7a7a0915bca3182e
SHA-1: f9cec9ffce5412a137bc858e0afd47037d066f6b
SHA-256: 86e0cedbecd21e488b12bc91a8a4b6689d4fd014215b1ccde608b25bdc100c46
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MD5: 3af2a09d9b1d5c3fb35e3e5d65d62a26
SHA-1: 5416f1182f62538001f325cc5d3e234087f13026
SHA-256: c1331e5bd9c417d8d020e353ad622578480869644451516c8db933605d958994

Release info

Created by: mikeytown2
Created on: April 19, 2013 - 00:04
Last updated: November 11, 2013 - 21:48
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

First Alpha release of AdvAgg 7.x-2.0!

Upgrade Notes:
If coming from AdvAgg 7.x-1.x or 6.x-1.x the way to upgrade is to uninstall the module before installing 7.x-2.x.

Code has not been extensively profiled so there could be some bottlenecks.

Other Modules:
#1946218: test with other modules & themes
CDN - #1942230-6: CDN module AdvAgg 7.x-2.x Integration
CSS Embedded Images - Need 7.x-1.3+
HTTP Parallel Request & Threading Library is not required but is recommended so Aggregates will be built in the background.

New 7.x Features:
#1942326: advagg_get_hooks_hash needs to be a table and not use the variables table
#1943218: Admin Menu Integration
#1943240: More consistent variable names
#1943346: Fix wording on status page
#1743910: Move JS to footer
#1949490: Output aggregate instead of 307 on generation
#1943418: JS Settings compression
#1952522: Bundler doesn't respect JS browser conditionals (via core patch).
#1311574: Disable bundler and swap to inline styles (for single use type pages)
#1943404: CSS: Use media queries to combine all, screen, print, etc media types
#1082928: Unified Aggregation Directory
#1956142: Intergrate D7 patches
#1943364: Make advagg be a tab under performance
#1943522: Testing, Caching, & Inline Compression of CSS/JS

Bugs Fixed:
#1944220: Notice: Undefined variable: before in advagg_js_compress_jsminplus()
#1944206: Undefined variable: deleted in advagg_remove_old_unused_aggregates
#1942778: Warning: Missing argument 4 for advagg_css_compress_advagg_get_css_aggregate_contents_alter()
#1955752: Uninstall does not remove advagg_js/css dirs
#1955774: Errors on install of module
#1951180: HTTP requests to advagg are not getting though.