I ran into some trouble with Brilliant Gallery on my website (Drupal 7.22, 'hosted' on WAMP, Touch 7x, 1.7 as default theme). When I use the [bg|link-to-picasa-rss] tag, the pictures don't show in my blog post. The only thing I see is a list of are grey dots (so filtered HTML recognizes something in that bg tag). I checked sites/default/files/brilliant-gallery-temp and there is a folder present in which the images from Picasa are downloaded. So Brilliant Gallery is partially working. But that's where it stops. There is no folder with resized pictures to be found. I tried to switch from Lightbox to no overlay browser in the configuration of Brilliant Gallerie, but the result stays the same.

My guess is that something goes wrong somewhere between fetching the images from Picasa and resizing them for display.


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I digged a little deeper into the HTML code Brilliant Gallery's generates. Seems it wants to load the resized pictures. But that's the problem, because it won't resize the pictures it downloads from Picasa.

In my sites/default/files/brilliant_gallery_temp the module creates a folder named bg_picasa_orig_longHexNumber containing the dowloaded pictures from Picasa. On my website, the module tries to load /sites/default/files/brilliant_gallery_temp/bg_cached_resized_longHexNumber.jpg Of course this doesn't work, that file doesn't exist.