This may be related to the "not saving" issues, but I'm not sure.

I have a "List (text)" field to which I added an "Other" option. I set up CF to show an additional text field when "Other" is selected. It works. But if I select another option as well, the value is not displayed. I'm going to guess that only the first value is checked when doing the display.


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Moving my "Other" value to the top of the list (I don't want to leave it there) allows the conditional field to be displayed. This pretty much confirms that only the first displayed value triggers the conditional display.

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For others who run into this, here's how I solved it - and I suspect this is the official answer as well.

Condition: Value
Values input mode: Any of these values (OR)
Set of values: Other (specify)
Interaction with other dependencies: OR

@peterpoe: you may close this issue after you've reviewed my solution.