I have installed ckeditor 3.6.6 and media 7.x-1.3 on a fairly new D7 site. When I add an image field with the regular image widget to a content type all is well and CKEditor works fine. If I change to the media file selector widget CKEditor no longer appears on nodes of that content type. After looking at some other posts here I unchecked the embedded media plugin on the Full profile in CKEditor module. But that had no effect. (I've cleared the cache numerous times).

I have been using the CKEditor module on D6 sites with no problem and on D7 with no significant issues. On the media project page there are instructions for setting up the WYSIWYG module to run CKEditor, but not any suggestions about the CKEditor module. I would rather not switch if I don't have to.

UPDATE: I have just started migrating content to this site and I found that when an images is uploaded to a node with an image field or a migrated node has an image file placed in the image field CKEditor is no longer visible. This occurs even after uninstalling the media module. If the image is removed CKEditor returns.


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Check the following thread: #1504696: Integration with CKEditor module, any help in improving the compatibility with media module is appreciated.

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I tried patching media 7.x-1.3 and ckeditor 7.x-1.13 but that did not fix my problem. I have downgraded ckeditor to 3.6.4 and that didn't help. Even uninstalling media module did not help.

As things stand, if a node has no image files attached to it in field_image I see CKEditor. If an image is attached to the node CKEditor is not there, even when the text format is Full HTML.

UPDATE: I have been playing with this for hours. Rolled CKEditor module back to 7.x-1.12 and Media back to 7.x-1.2. Rolled ckeditor back to 3.2.1. I had another site using these versions and it worked, but the site I've been setting up still didn't work.

BUT, when I set the image field to allow only one value, rather than 2 or more, CKEditor reappeared. When I upped the number of values again it disappeared. So the problem appears to relate to this setting.

I will reinstall current stable versions of the CKEditor and Media modules, 7.x-1.13 and 7.x-1.3 with the patches, and ckeditor 3.6.6 and see if everything works with a field that has only one value.

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My most recent tests indicate that this problem has nothing to do with the media module.

I installed CKEditor 3.6.4 on an almost clean install of D7.22 on which the media module has never been installed. I added an image field and a file field to the basic page content type and set each to allow more than one file. If I did not upload a file to the node CKEditor worked fine. But, if I uploaded either an image or a file CKEditor disappeared. When I reset the fields to allow only one file CKEditor appeared when a file is attached, either an image or file.

So, it appears that the problem is in the interaction of CKEditor with basic image and file fields, and it is important to find a fix.

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Title: Using media file selector widget makes ckeditor disappear » Using file selector widget makes ckeditor disappear

Update according to #3.

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See #2004664: Setting image/file field for more than one image breaks ckeditor.module/wysiwyg.module(ckeditor). I do not think this is a ckeditor module problem, or not totally this project's problem. The same typesmof errors occur with WYSIWYG.

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For me the problem had nothing directly related to Drupal. It was the mod_security was turned on. That caused error messages making the server believe it was under attack. These messages never found their way to the watchdog log. When mod_security was turned off CKEditor played nicely with other modules.

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