Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Red Rocket is established in 2003, by 2 cofounders; Gil Binne and Perry Boekker. Gil is an award winning creative director, and Perry has a breadth of knowledge that spans multiple industries, allowing Red Rocket to come up with creative innovative solutions that are focused on the industries we cater to.

Our team has an inherently geeky nature, being obsessed with excellence, whether in the design and creative print and display industries, to musing about the universe, big bang theory. We are strongly Canadian, with numerous team members being bilingual, and our company focus on traditional Canadian sectors such as mining and forestry industries. We are also globe trotters, with avid sailers, skiers, nature enthusiasts.

Bring your website needs small and large. Our strong creative technical team, will bring to life highly usable websites, which look great and function well, putting the clients marketing message front and center.
We can bring your website to life from concept, to content strategy, site architecture, design, theming, development using the latest tools and techniques of Drupal.

Drupal contributions

Developers are active in issue queue with patches and reviews. On our downtime, we like to improve our skills, by contributing back to drupal's issue queue.

nally active in providing patches, reviews, feedback, improvements on access, context, location, breadcrumb modules

aufumy has organized and participated in code sprints, spoken at drupalcon, drupal pnw summit, drupal camps, and drupal monthly meetings, contributed patches to drupal core, and contrib modules, as well has been a module maintainer.